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Columbus Knew a Thing or Two About Tenacity

Some lessons transcend time “If Columbus had turned back, no one would have blamed him. Of course, no one would have remembered him either. Finish what... read more

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Why the US Beef Ban in Japan and China? Blame the World Order

COLORADO—If you were Japan or China, would you rather take your chances with mad cow disease, or meltdown and arguably the worst air pollution in the world?

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Cash and Cart Thieves Prove Stupidity Knows No Boundaries

Theft has no boundaries, and though the venues vary, the absence of common sense does not, either.

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Sunflower, Show-Me States Celebrate Native Sons

KANSAS/MISSOURI—Last month two favorite sons from these neighboring states were honored: One whose likeness is on the latest U.S. postal stamp, the other who has made an indelible stamp on the political landscape of America.

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Whether New York or New Orleans, More Grocery Choices Welcome

Up NORTH, Down SOUTH—There is a tale of two cities in need, one looking for a special kind of grocer, the other looking for, well, any kind, please. In... read more

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Government on All Levels Add Burdens to Business

ON THE BORDER—With both the White House and FMI addressing the quest to erase “food deserts” around our country, there has been substantial press... read more

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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. Guns OK

OHIO—Come late summer, your potato skins may not be the only thing loaded when ordering at Applebee’s or any other restaurant. Likewise, when you pull... read more

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Homeless Man Stays Afloat With His Trusty Canine

No city in America has a monopoly on the homeless, but Seattle has one of the most unique. Although his name and “address” were identified in the local... read more

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