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Author Turns Notion of ‘Balance’ on Its Ear

Lorrie Griffith, Editor Many of us, myself included, have long embraced the concept of balance—striving to not spend too much time or energy on any one... read more

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Common Sense Would Go a Long Way in Obesity Battle

Our obesity problem is not a result of what kids see on TV as much as it is the fact that they are sitting there. Just sitting there.

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To Reach Young Shoppers, Go to Their Fingertips

How many more brick-and-mortar stores do we really need? Not many more, according to Dan O’Connor, president and CEO of RetailNet Group

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Leadership Is More About Your Staff Than You

FMI’s Future Connect did what a valuable conference should do—make you think about your work, and your life, in new ways.

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Chain’s Outreach to Core Customers Pays Off

It is a marketing truth that it requires a higher level of investment, as well as more effort, to attract a new customer than to keep one you already have. A... read more

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Tell Me—Do You Welcome Extreme Couponers?

Lorrie Griffith, Editor I’ve wanted to ask a question of our retailer readers for some time now, and for reasons I will explain in a moment, I am posing... read more