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Coca-Cola Pulls Sodas in St. Louis

The Coca-Cola Co. has pulled sodas from shelves at St. Louis stores after customers complained of a metallic taste.

There was a slight surge in minerals in the water used to make the soda at the drink giant’s Maryland Heights plants, said Kevin Morris, spokesman for Atlanta-based Coca-Cola to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The recalled drinks, which come in both 2-liter bottles and cans, include Coke Classic, Diet Coke and Cherry Coke.

“We found in a very limited specific production run a slight off-taste for a few of our products,” he said. “Most people would not even notice. We have proactively decided to voluntarily withdrawal a few of our products.”

There are no health or safety concerns, he said to the Chronicle.

Customers can request refunds from the stores where they purchased the product. Consumers can call 1-800-438-2653.

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