Bolthouse Farms Debuts ‘Baby Carrot ShakeDowns’ In San Antonio

Bolthouse Farms ShakeDowns

Bolthouse Farms, a premier producer of carrots, celebrated a milestone moment in the 26-year life of the baby carrot: shake-on seasoning. Fresh seasoned carrots, known as “Baby Carrot ShakeDowns,” are now available in San Antonio as part of a consumer trial.

Bolthouse Farms logoBaby Carrot ShakeDowns can be found in the produce and fresh snacking sections of San Antonio H-E-B and Walmart stores.

The consumer trial is the latest stage in Bolthouse Farms’ continuing campaign to make the baby carrot America’s preferred snack. Baby Carrot ShakeDowns are sweet and flavorful, offering the appeal of junk food, minus junk food’s calories, fat and sugar, according to a company news release.

Baby Carrot ShakeDowns are an innovation in fresh produce. Small quantities of natural seasoning—Ranch, Chili Lime or Salsa—are housed in a packet inside a single-serve baby carrot snack bag. A pinch pops the packet. A pull frees the seasoning. A shake covers the carrots and the snacking can commence. At $0.99 per bag, each ShakeDowns package tops out at 25 calories.

“You can’t lecture people into eating healthy,” said Jeff Dunn, CEO of Bolthouse Farms. “The best way to improve eating habits is to acknowledge that people tend to follow their desires when they sit down to snack. So we’ve started with that desire and worked backward—we’ve created desirable snack food that just happens to be healthy. We’re in a good spot, because carrots already have built-in snack appeal: they’re orange, they’re crunchy, they’re delicious. And now that they come with seasoning…”


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