Dulcich, Sunlight International Roll Out Winter Varietals

Dulcich grapes

Sunlight International’s Autumn King Seedless grapes are prepared to delight consumers and drive sales this holiday season. Plump and sweet, these green varietals grown by the Dulcich family join other late-season varieties in adding freshness and flavor to Thanksgiving, as well as to any holiday celebrations in December. The green Autumn King and Luisco Seedless, the black Autumn Royal and the Christmas-friendly Crimson Seedless and Red Globe grapes will attract shoppers looking for festive—but healthy—treats, according to a news release.Dulcich 2 Pretty Lady

Jakov P. Dulcich & Sons and Sunlight International—home of the Pretty Lady brand—are harvesting fresh table grapes into early December and will have supplies of all colors of grapes until the start of 2013.

Nick Dulcich, the company’s owner, says, “These Autumn Kings are showstoppers. They are big and sweet and grown in the U.S.A. This is a new age in grapes. The days of the Thompson late deal are fading as the late harvest of new varieties are taking its place. Autumn Kings are fresher, bigger and have stronger consumer appeal.”


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