Moo & Oink Rolls Out New Poultry Products, Turkey Mascot

Moo & Oink breaded tenders

Moo and his pal Oink have introduced the newest member of the Moo & Oink family—Gobble, the turkey mascot, who is the Moo & Oink ambassador for poultry products.Moo & Oink's Gobble mascot

Moo & Oink (and Gobble, too) announce four new chicken products:

• Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Fritters;

• Spicy Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Fritters;

• Breaded Chicken Breast Nugget Fritters; and

• Breaded Chicken Breast Patties

The tenders, nuggets and patties are breaded and made with premium, all-white meat. They can be deep fried or oven-cooked. The new Moo & Oink chicken products are available on the shelves of Chicago area grocery stores.

“In keeping with our belief to uphold quality while maintaining value, we are proud to introduce these delicious chicken products,” said David L. Van Kampen, president and COO of Moo & Oink. “We are confident they will become as much a staple in the lives of Moo & Oink fans as all our other products.”

“We added Gobble as a new mascot, because we see poultry as a growing segment,” he added. “We want to provide even more delicious choices to the traditional Moo & Oink line of meat products.”

Other existing poultry products include Moo & Oink Turkey Hot Links, Turkey Mild Links, Turkey Hot Patties and Turkey Mild Patties.


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