Steaz Going Green In 2013

Steaz Garnett

Steaz, a leading natural beverage company has announced that, beginning this year, its entire line of USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified sparkling teas, iced teas and energy drinks will be green tea-based. The transition represents Steaz’s commitment to providing consumers with the best tasting, highest quality green tea-based beverages, making Steaz the only all-green tea-based, USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified ready-to-drink company on the market, according to a news release.

“We recognize that consumers are increasingly conscious about what’s in their beverages, and we want to provide the healthiest, best-tasting green tea-based beverages,” said Jay Garnett, Steaz executive chairman. “The transition to a fully green tea-based beverage portfolio is as healthful and beneficial as it is symbolic. In our tenth year in business, it’s a fitting way to honor our consumers and provide them with an all-natural, all-green tea-based product line.”

Currently, there are only two non-green tea-based SKUs in the Steaz portfolio.

In 2013, Doylestown, Pa.-based Steaz also is celebrating 10 years in business by unveiling new packaging and continuing its triple bottom-line business practices, which focus on the core values of people, planet, and profits for its Fair Trade farmers. Continuing with the green theme in 2013, Steaz will again donate a percentage of every Steaz beverage purchased at Whole Foods to the Whole Planet Foundation.

In the featured photo at top is Steaz Executive Chairman Jay Garnett.


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