Jolly Time Pop Corn Petitions Hasbro To Consider Popcorn Monopoly


Jolly Time Pop Corn has issued a letter petitioning Hasbro to offer the option of a popcorn game piece for its Monopoly game.

Written by Jolly Time CEO Garry Smith to Hasbro President and CEO Brian Goldner, the letter is a response to Hasbro’s consumer campaign to vote a current Monopoly game token into retirement and add a new one. Citing the tradition of popcorn and game night for generations, Smith pleads in the letter with Goldner to offer a popcorn game piece option along with the recently proposed additions of cat, helicopter, robot, guitar and ring.

“For nearly 100 years, our brand has been synonymous with fun, and yet you have us crying into our kernels at the blatant exclusion of food from your game piece additions,” Smith writes in his letter. “Game night without Jolly Time Pop Corn is criminal and you should go directly to jail for this callous mistake. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.”

The letter goes on to ask for a popcorn game piece and points to the issues associated with the currently proposed new game pieces, such as materialism (ring), inability to love (robot), devastating allergies (cat), with other negative associations like war (helicopter) and on-stage musician tantrums (guitar), a company news release says.

Hasbro is expected to tally consumer votes and make decisions on the game piece retirement and addition on Feb. 5.

“Say it’s not too late,” Smith writes. “Monopoly is fun. Popcorn is fun. The two must join forces for future generations of game night players.”

The American Pop Corn Co. of Sioux City, Iowa, is an independent and family-owned company that, for nearly 100 years, has produced and marketed Jolly Time Pop Corn, the first branded popcorn ever produced. Jolly Time offers a variety of traditional and microwave popcorn products in grocery stores nationwide and has the only microwave popcorn endorsed by Weight Watchers, the company says. Jolly Time Pop Corn is gluten free and is produced using GMO-free popcorn.



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