Milk Mustache Got Milk Campaign To Launch First-Ever Super Bowl TV Ad

Got Milk? Super Bowl ad with The Rock

Football stars from Michael Strahan to Hakeem Nicks have appeared in the national Milk Mustache “got milk?” campaign print ads for the past 17 years. As the campaign continues to evolve, the team begins production on its first Super Bowl TV commercial to appear in the biggest football game of the year.

The 30-second spot stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has managed to successfully balance his professional career with his family life, which continues to be his main priority. Johnson’s success as an actor, producer, athlete and author has gained him worldwide recognition both in and out of the spotlight. The ad is directed by Peter Berg, actor, director, writer and producer best known for his on-screen role in “Chicago Hope” and who just wrapped production on the film adaptation of “Lone Survivor.” Created by Deutsch, A Lowe and Partners Co., the ad will air in the second quarter of the game next month and bring to life how including milk´s protein and essential nutrients at breakfast helps fuel active, successful days.

“Where better to kick off a new strategy designed to educate American families about the importance of starting your day with milk at breakfast than with one of America’s favorite family-friendly actors during one of America’s largest family-friendly events,” said Vivien Godfrey, CEO of the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), which represents America’s milk processors and runs the national Milk Mustache “got milk?” campaign. “It’s the perfect platform to reinforce milk’s powerful nutrient punch – including the 8g of high-quality protein provided in every serving. Milk in the morning helps the whole family tackle the day.” Godfrey added that “Dwayne Johnson is a terrific role model and a devoted father who believes in the importance of milk at breakfast for the whole family. He’s been vocal about his love of milk and it being a good source of protein in the morning—so we felt he was a natural fit.”

More than 2.7 billion gallons of milk are currently consumed at breakfast in the U.S. each year. The new morning meal-focused commercial is part of a larger, integrated effort to reinforce milk as the breakfast beverage of choice and spotlight its nutrient contributions as part of a daily breakfast routine. The effort includes in-store retail and consumer promotions along with extensive digital advertising and social media activity. Consumers also will have the chance to help America’s milk processors direct $250,000 in Fuel Up to Play 60 grants to schools across the country to help give kids greater access to a healthy breakfast.

Heading to the big game

The decision to create a Super Bowl ad stemmed from an intensive, strategic look at milk consumption patterns, consumer trends and the competitive landscape, according to Godfrey. The insights revealed the need to further elevate milk’s unique mix of nutrients, especially compared to other beverages and spotlight the contribution milk makes to a healthy, well-balanced diet—particularly in respect to providing protein at breakfast.

“There’s a reason milk has been a family breakfast favorite for decades,” said Jim Green, president and CEO of Kemps LLC and chairman of the MilkPEP board. “Americans know it tastes great and pairs well with popular breakfast foods. But our industry research revealed not all are fully aware of the entire nutrient package milk offers, especially protein, which can give you a strong start to the day. In 2013, our efforts are focused on reinforcing that message as broadly and strongly as possible—and the Super Bowl is an effective place to start.”

An 8-oz. glass of milk contains nine essential nutrients, including 8g of high-quality protein as well as potassium, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A and D.

Making campaign history

With more than 110 million eyes watching, the Super Bowl is a one–of–a–kind opportunity to educate Americans about milk’s value. The commercial is part of a larger, integrated effort that includes a consumer promotion offering the chance to win tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, and a charitable tie-in that will help children across the country have better access to breakfast in schools and more.



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