Cumberland Farms Launches SmartPay Check-Link Payment Program

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Cumberland Farms, a leading convenience and gasoline retailer, has launched its free SmartPay Check-Link payment program that lets customers pay for gas and in-store purchases using their mobile phones or with a swipe of a card. After completing a free online enrollment process, SmartPay Check-Link users will automatically save 10 cents on every gallon of gas, every day.

SmartPay Check-Link is an upgrade from the first release of SmartPay, which was launched in April 2012 in partnership with PayPal. While the first release offered PayPal as the only payment option, SmartPay Check-Link is a new feature to the SmartPay program and offers consumers the ability to debit their checking account as a second payment option. Additionally, Smart-Pay Check-Link is available in both mobile and payment card format.

To enhance the SmartPay program, Cumberland Farms has joined forces with the National Payment Card Association (NPCA). NPCA ensures secure, PIN-based debit transactions to the user’s checking account every time they swipe their SmartPay Check-Link card or pay with their phone.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate and leverage new technologies to help our customers save time and money,” said Ari Haseotes, president of Cumberland Farms. “We created the free SmartPay Check-Link program as a secure way for our customers to pay quickly while on-the-go, and to save money on gas every time they fill up at our pumps.”

How does the new SmartPay Check-Link feature work? Enroll for free at, then either download the mobile app or pick up a card at a Cumberland Farms location. Once a user’s checking account information has been verified, they swipe their SmartPay Check-Link card when ready to fill up, or launch the SmartPay app. The app will automatically locate the gas station and lets the user turn on the pump right from their phone.

SmartPay Check-Link also works inside any Cumberland Farms store, so customers can pay with their phones or swipe their SmartPay cards to purchase their Farmhouse Blend coffee or snack, too.

The SmartPay app is available to download for free from iTunes or the Android store, or by visiting For those without a smartphone, free SmartPay payment cards and account applications may be obtained in-person at participating Cumberland Farms locations.

Cumberland Farms’ network of convenience stores operates nearly 600 locations across 11 states.


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    I use smart Pay check link but I have moved and have changed banks. How can I change the check link account?

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    Once you get the card, do you still need the app installed? It’s taking up a lot of space on my phone..

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