Frieda’s Wins 2013 American Package Design Award

Stokes Purple Sweet Potato Box

Frieda's Special Produce Stokes Purple Sweet Potato Box

Frieda’s Specialty Produce’s Stokes Purple Sweet Potato box and label has won a 2013 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA.

With more than 1,650 entries this year, Frieda’s unique packaging design stood out as a powerful and positive graphic. The award-winning packaging will appear on Graphic Design USA’s website and in the March/April 2013 issue of Graphic Design USA magazine.

The bold box and label design features unique splashes of deep orange and purple, highlighting the color and health benefits of the product.

“At Frieda’s we encourage creative expression, and we’re so pleased to win this award,” says Karen Caplan, president and CEO, Frieda’s Inc. “We are proud of our in-house creative team, and they are in good company with the many prestigious design firms that are also winners of this award. It was especially exciting to be recognized during our inaugural season of selling Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes.”

The Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato offers a great option for weight watchers and diabetics as it offers a low glycemic index. It is naturally loaded with healthy antioxidants and the bright purple flesh is different from other sweet potatoes and yams offering a richer taste and a favorably denser texture. The Stokes Purple Sweet Potato maintains its deep purple color even after cooking and is not irradiated.

Frieda’s is the exclusive distributor and marketer of the Stokes Purple Sweet Potato, grown in Livingston, Calif., by A.V. Thomas Produce.

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