Powerful Yogurt For Men Hits The Market

Powerful Yogurt, Greek yogurt for men

Powerful Yogurt, the first Greek yogurt in the U.S. designed for men, officially declared its arrival to the marketplace with a launch at the Natural Foods Expo West tradeshow in Anaheim, Calif., earlier this month.

Powerful Yogurt earned three award nominations across the dairy, natural food and gourmet categories.

The product is differentiated from existing Greek yogurts by its 20-25g of natural protein per serving, a “man-sized” 8-oz. cup that is at least 33 percent larger than most individual-serving Greek yogurts and marketing and packaging that speaks to active male consumers.

“We are thrilled by the immediate and incredibly positive response that people have had to the nutrition profile, taste and concept of Powerful Yogurt,” said Carlos Ramirez, founder and CEO. “Our focus now is expanding distribution to meet demand for the product and continuing to listen to the male audience as we build this new dairy category from the ground up.”

With its high protein content and seven active cultures, Powerful Yogurt is formulated to help men build muscle, burn fat and improve digestive health. It is a kosher product free of fat, gluten and GMOs.

All six Powerful Yogurt flavors (plain, banana, blueberry acai, strawberry, apple cinnamon and mango) are sold in the company’s signature black and red packaging. Powerful Yogurt currently is available at grocery stores across New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.


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