Slimful Chews Can Help Satisfy Hunger

Slimful chews

LE Bar LLC is introducing Slimful, 90-calorie chews that can help satisfy hunger, making it easier for people to eat less, and achieve their weight loss goals. When consumed with a glass of water, Slimful chews can help satisfy hunger for hours, according to a news release.

“People are going to like Slimful chews for two reasons,” said Jim Gold, Slimful spokesman. “First, Slimful chews taste great. People will be surprised how good the flavors are. Second, it’s simple. There is no calorie counting or meal plans. You just do what you normally do—eat. But with Slimful you can do a lot less of it and still feel satisfied.”

Slimful chews can help make it easier to diet. “Whether you’re dieting on your own or part of a weight loss program, eating less is a major component,” said Gold. “Hunger makes it hard to stay on your diet. With Slimful chews, hunger can be satisfied making it easier to stick with it.”

Drinking at least eight ounces of water after eating a Slimful chew is important, the release says. Slimful chews contain a dietary fiber that absorbs water and expands to take up space in the stomach.

“Many of us eat the largest meal of the day just before watching TV and going to bed,” said Gold. “Eating less at dinner is a great way to lose weight, and Slimful chews can help.”

LE Bar, the distributor of Slimful chews, recommends taking no more than three Slimful chews per day at least three hours apart.

Slimful chews come in four flavors (Orange Tangerine, Honey Bliss, Cocoa Brownie and Very Berry) and are available in single bars (12 per display) and 5-pack boxes.



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