Feed The Children, PepsiCo And Albertsons Help Needy Dallas Families

PepsiCo, Albertsons and Feed the Children in Dallas, Texas; May 2013

Feed The Children, PepsiCo and Albertsons partnered with CitySquare to distribute three tractor-trailers full of food and essentials to help 1,200 Dallas area children and families in need earlier this week. Families received food and essentials at CitySquare Opportunity Center.

PepsiCo is a longtime Feed The Children partner and donated a variety of its products including Frito-Lay variety packs of chips and peanut butter crackers, Quaker Chewy bars, Life cereal, Propel water, Tropicana juice and Pepsi Max to families as part of the event. Albertsons also donated shelf-stable and fresh food items including canned vegetables, peanut butter and rice during the distribution. Feed The Children partner agency CitySquare pre-identified families receiving the donations. Each family also received a 25-lb. box of food, a 10-lb. box of personal care items and Avon products. The boxes are designed to help support a family of four for up to one week.

The distribution is part of Feed The Children’s Americans Feeding Americans Caravan, which has helped more than 450,000 families across the country since it began in 2009.

More than one in three children living in Dallas (37.5 percent) is considered impoverished. In fact, the number of children living in poverty in Texas (1,751,189) could fill Cowboy Stadium more than 16 times.

“Many of the families we serve on the Americans Feeding Americans Caravan are making hard choices between paying bills and feeding their families,” said Kevin Hagan, Feed The Children president and CEO. “With support from PepsiCo we are helping to ease the burden for families struggling in this economy.”


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