MilkPEP Launches Katie Couric Milk Mustache Ad For Mother’s Day

Katie Couric and daughters for got milk?

Award-winning journalist, best-selling author, well known cancer advocate and talk show host Katie Couric finds breakfast to be the perfect time to model healthy habits for daughters Ellie and Carrie. She knows that the girls pay close attention to the choices she makes, so it’s important for her to start each day by including milk with breakfast to get nutrients—especially protein—she needs for busy, successful days.

The new Katie Couric “got milk?” ad, unveiled Friday on her daytime talk show, “Katie,” depicts the host and her daughters sharing breakfast in bed—while sporting the iconic Milk Mustache. The ad, Katie’s first foray into the campaign, reads, “Even when you have the day off, you still need protein. An 8-oz. glass of milk has 8g of protein. A glass worth raising, even on Mother’s Day. got milk?”

Including milk in the morning is a healthy habit that Katie learned from her mom growing up and passed down to both of her daughters. Milk has nutrients needed to make breakfast more complete, including protein to help power through the morning.

“When you’re adding milk to your breakfast you’re getting all sorts of added benefits,” said Couric. “You’re getting protein when you put it in your cereal; you’re getting calcium when you add it to your coffee or just drinking a glass straight up.”


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