Shelby Klug Begins Clinical Trial In Battle With CF

Shelby Klug begins clinical trial

Shelby Klug, teen daughter of Popchips’ sales exec Todd Klug and Unified Grocers’ Sue Klug, has been accepted into a clinical trial that aims to cure the form of cystic fibrosis from which she suffers. Shelby took her first dose of medication as part of the trial earlier today in her home state of California.

The Phase 3 clinical trial includes the Vertex drugs 770 and 809, Shelby said earlier this year; 770, or Kalydeco, was approved by the FDA last year and provided a cure to 4 percent of the CF population, she added.

“The…clinical trial combines Kalydeco with another drug—Vertex 809—and it is aimed at curing my specific genetic mutation,” Shelby said then.

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