Freshway Foods Debuts Locally Grown—Great Lakes Region Produce Program

Freshway Foods logo

Freshway Foods has introduced new products featuring locally grown produce from the Great Lakes region. Fruits and vegetables available through the program are grown on family-owned farms in Ohio, Michigan and New York.

The rich soil found in the Great Lakes region yields high-quality produce, and the produce spends less time in transit, the Sidney, Ohio-based company says.

“Consumers are becoming more aware of the distance their food travels from the farm to the plate,” says Roman Smith, director of procurement for Freshway Foods. “This program reduces our carbon footprint and the ‘food miles’ to the end consumer.”

“For over 25 years, our locally grown produce has come from family-owned farms, many of which have been in operation for generations,” says Dan Purdy, VP of sales and marketing. “These farms play an important economic role in their communities. They are also committed to sustainable growing practices that protect the land for future generations.”

Locally Grown—Great Lakes Region produce is available through Oct. 15.


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