iSatori’s Energize, All-Day Energy Pill, Hits Shelves Nationwide


iSatori Inc.’s Energize, All-Day Energy Pill, is now on shelves nationwide at Walmart.

“To support the success of Energize, the nation’s No.1 selling energy pill as reported by IRI data (June 2012), iSatori is airing a national TV campaign on a number of prominent stations, including Comedy Central, DIY, The Travel Channel and ESPN News,” said Stephen Adele, founder and CEO of iSatori Inc. “Partnering with Walmart, along with our national advertising campaign, significantly expands consumer awareness of Energize. We expect this new mass market relationship and our advertising campaign to have a positive impact on the company’s operating performance by growing the number of doors, units sold and consumers exposed to our products.

“In addition, we hope to realize positive financial performance by taking Energize into additional channels throughout the remainder of 2013 and into 2014,” he added.

Energize was developed by iSatori in collaboration with a doctor to provide prolonged energy with a proprietary, sustained-release delivery system. There is no “rush” after taking the Energize pill and no “jitters” or “crash” later in the day, according to iSatori. And because it is a tablet, not a drink or a shot, there is no bitter taste, the company says.


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