Survey: Americans Want To Focus On Feeling Better Instead Of Losing Weight In 2014

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Blue Diamond Growers, the world’s largest almond processing and marketing company, has released the results of a recent national Harris Interactive survey revealing that nearly 75 percent of Americans’ New Year’s resolutions will focus on eating healthier and improving fitness. The challenge is that nearly a quarter of Americans will fail to keep their resolutions for more than three months.

“It is encouraging to see people moving away from wanting to lose weight just for the sake of losing weight,” said registered dietitian Ashley Koff, Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze and Nut Thins brand ambassador. “These results show that Americans want to take an active role in improving their health and wellness, but need a little guidance on how to make sustainable changes.”

Survey respondents report that the top challenges to sticking to their health-minded resolutions are avoiding sweets (59 percent) and not wanting to give up taste when seeking out healthier alternatives (58 percent). Despite these wellness resolutions pitfalls, Americans are acutely aware of what they need to do to get healthier; 55 percent of those polled recognize that small changes in their diets will lead to big health changes.

“The reason most people abandon their health and wellness resolutions is that they realize a change needs to be made, but don’t know the exact steps to take to make that happen,” said Koff. “Adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you should abandon your favorite comfort foods; it just means making small changes and experimenting with better-for-you ingredients. For instance, try adding low-fat dairy alternative, Almond Breeze Almondmilk, to your smoothies or using crushed gluten-free Nut Thins to replace croutons and create meals that are healthy and delicious.”

To help consumers commit to their health and wellness resolutions, Almond Breeze is hosting the “Breeze into the New Year” resolutions generator. Visit to find quick and simple ingredient substitutions that will fit any health and wellness resolution.

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