NatureSweet Cherriots Tomatoes Launch As Ready-To-Eat Snack

NatureSweet Cherriots Tomatoes

NatureSweet is introducing a new line of specially grown microproduce, NatureSweet Cherriots Tomatoes.

The bite-sized tomatoes meet the growing demand for snacks that support a healthy lifestyle, according to Texas-based NatureSweet. Cherriots are sold in pull-apart three-packs (about a dozen red tomatoes per pack).

“Studies show that adults eat almost half of their food between meals,” said Michael Joergensen, marketing director of NatureSweet. “At the same time, consumers are demanding healthier options to take with them to the office, school or wherever they go. Cherriots are perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy diet when they’re away from home.”

Like all NatureSweet tomatoes, Cherriots are grown in the controlled environment of a greenhouse from seeds. Cherriots are allowed to fully ripen on the vine, which produces optimal flavor and consistent quality year-round, NatureSweet says.


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