RediClinic’s Weigh Forward Program Offered At H-E-B Stores Certified By ACPM

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The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM), the nation’s leading professional medical society representing the specialty of preventive medicine and physicians dedicated to prevention, has certified RediClinic’s Weigh Forward weight/lifestyle management program as meeting evidence-based standards for healthy weight loss. This is the first time in ACPM’s nearly 60-year history that the organization has certified a third-party program, and it signifies the launch of its new certification program.

RediClinic currently operates 30 clinics offering the Weigh Forward program inside H-E-B grocery stores in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas, and has successfully treated more than 1.4 million patients since opening its first in-store clinic in 2005.

“The American College of Preventive Medicine has supported the practice of preventive medicine in many ways over the years, and recognizing third-party programs that meet quality and effectiveness standards for physicians, their patients and consumers is a new way for us to pursue this mission,” said ACPM’s Executive Director Michael A. Barry. “It was logical to begin our certification initiative with weight management programs since obesity is one of the nation’s most critical and challenging public health issues, and Weigh Forward went through a rigorous evaluation process to gain our certification.”

The certification program allows organizations to apply to certify that their program meets ACPM’s evidence-based standards for health promotion and weight management. Programs are reviewed for both content and individual process elements, placing emphasis on health improvement. The criteria for evaluation focus on weight loss strategies, medical monitoring, weight maintenance and patient support. Organizations that have received ACPM certification for their weight management program will be able to market the product as such to potential customers. And, for the first time, consumers will have the ability to seek the certification seal when assessing their options to create and support a healthy lifestyle.

RediClinic, one of the nation’s leading operators of retail clinics, has offered Weigh Forward at its 30 clinics inside H-E-B since 2011. Weigh Forward now is being licensed to other providers who want a turn-key weight/lifestyle management solution for their practice or clinic. The 10-week program combines 15-minute visits with a healthcare professional with access to a comprehensive online platform that supports both the clinician and the patient. It has proven successful in helping patients lose one-two pounds per week while significantly improving their cardio-metabolic health.

The Weigh Forward program has four key components: a medical component, which includes an initial physical exam, lab tests at the beginning and end of the program and regular biometric monitoring; a proprietary behavior modification component, which identifies each patient’s individual barriers to success and offers proven strategies for overcoming them; a diet/nutrition component, which includes five meal plans (including a diabetic plan) and more than 500 low-calorie, nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes; and a physical activity component, which features customized fitness-improvement regimens for each patient.

“Weigh Forward is a uniquely comprehensive and effective program, and we are honored that the American College of Preventive Medicine has recognized this through its newly created certification program,” said RediClinic’s CEO Web Golinkin. “We have created a program that all healthcare professionals can use to help their patients achieve sustained weight loss and health gains, and we hope that ACPM’s certification will assure potential licensees that our program meets the highest professional standards.”

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