New Pillsbury Mixes Bring Artisan Bread Baking Home

Pillsbury has added Artisan Bread Mixes to its roster. In 40 minutes or less, consumers can use the mixes to bake a variety of artisan quality bread such as focaccia bread, bread sticks and pizza crust.

New Pillsbury Artisan Bread Mixes are available in three varieties: Country White, Garlic & Herb and Parmesan & Basil.

Pillsbury suggests the new bread mixes be used for recipes like the following:

  • Buffalo Chicken Flatbread Pizza: Combine spicy chicken and melted cheese on top of a Country White Artisan flatbread.
  • Herb Foccacia Bread: Use the Parmesan & Basil Artisan Bread Mix with fresh rosemary, coarse seal salt and grated parmesan cheese.
  • Twisted Cheesy Ham Breadsticks: Use the Garlic & Herb Artisan Bread Mix to make breadsticks.

Pillsbury Artisan Bread Mixes are available nationwide; SRP $2.49. Visit for more information.

Pillsbury is a brand of The J.M. Smucker Co.

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