WinCo Opening First Oklahoma Store In May, Two More In The Works

WinCo Foods opened its latest store on March 30 in Moses Lake, Washington.

WinCo Foods opened its latest store on March 30 in Moses Lake, Washington.

WinCo Foods plans to open its first Oklahoma store in late May in Moore. The 84,000-s.f. unit will be followed by an Oklahoma City store in August and a Tulsa store in 2018.

The Moore location will be open 24/7. It will be staffed by full- and part-time employees from the surrounding community. The store will feature WinCo’s trademark “Wall of Values” at the entrance, as well as an assortment of grocery items along with a full produce section and meat, deli, bakery and bulk foods departments.

The Boise, Idaho-based chain is hiring for a variety of positions at the Moore location.

“Moore, Oklahoma, is a resilient, hard-working, community-minded city,” a company spokesperson said. “Traits that WinCo Foods admires and that we try to represent ourselves. This is a chance for enterprising Oklahomans to get with a rapidly expanding company offering competitive wages, superb benefits, rapid advancement and a chance to make a real difference in the lives of the community where they work and live.”

WinCo Foods is the seventh largest employee-owned company in the U.S., with gross yearly revenues exceeding $6 billion.

“From the minute a new employee starts their first shift—as long as they’re 19 years old—they start their journey toward an ownership share of WinCo,” the spokesperson said. “It takes six years to become fully vested, so every hour they work they build their equity. This is a golden opportunity for anyone interested in securing their future in a meaningful way as well as investing in the well-being of their home town.”

WinCo currently operates 114 stores in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.

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  1. Elva Stillwell

    Holly crap, I never seen a store opening that had to temporary close due to the high volume of shoppers! looked like black friday!

  2. ken shortt

    Im disabeled no ftransportation or family okc.ok
    Is winco building store in okc.ok (southside).?

    by the way congrats to having a great store. that it sounds like. okc.ok really does need store like winco.. look 4ward shoppin with you soon i hope in south okc.ok.. till then im ken shortt
    also born an raised lived most my life in pompano beach..florida

    1. Roberta Smoot

      Hello Ken,
      There will be a win co store in Midwest city but that’s later on in the year.
      There is 1 being built at Nw 39th and Portland.
      If you need a ride to the 1 in Moore..feel free to e-mail me @

  3. Cheryll Givens

    When will the store in Midwest City be open? And when will you be taking applications?

  4. Richard Davis

    Just left WinCo in Moore a few minutes ago. They ran out of carts and products. Not to mention that their eggs had toppled over in the freezer with many eggs busted open. How does a major supermarket run out of carts and product? Did the people who run this store get their position as a Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy? Not to mention, I had to go back to my normal store to get the rest of what I needed. I will never go back again.

    1. LaWilda Haley

      I work at Winco and our store has more baskets than any retailer I have ever seen. People were lined up around the building and waited for 2 hours outside just to get in. Once inside after shopping waited an hour and a half to check out because all 26 registers were lined up to the back of the store. Everyone was very kind that I dealt with even with the long wait to get in and to get checked out. Everyone said they will be back because everyone was so friendly and helpful and our prices can’t be beat. I have all ready waited on the same customers a number of times in our first 11 days we’ve been open. As for the eggs I don’t know what happened I didn’t hear anything about that, but accidents do happen. As far as management goes they have many many years of experience as well as a lot of the rest of the employees. I personally have never worked at any other grocery store, grand opening or not that has customers at 26 checkouts constantly non stop. It’s amazing how this store operates, the best customer service I have seen in any retail business. Sorry you had a bad experience but your welcome to come back anytime.

  5. kelly

    I live very close to the new one being built on n.w. 39th.. I do not want to apply to work in moore or midwest city.. can not afford the gas and my car is not good on long trips.. just short ones.. so I need to work close to home. When will the new store be taking applications? Do we apply at midwest city or moore store and explain we are trying to apply for new one on n.w. side?

    1. kelly mayes

      This is Kelly again… got a new used car.. tiny gas saver.. do I have to apply at midwest city or moore and work there first then transfer or how do we apply for the store being built on n.w. 39 location? never got a response for first message. i will call and ask.

  6. Betty

    I wish you had a Winco in Anadarko, Oklahoma, Chickasha, Oklahoma or Lawton , Oklahoma as I don’t drive in the bigger towns.

  7. Carol Burger

    Will there be a WinCo Foods coming to Montrose, Colorado? I just moved from Visalia, California, I shopped there and loved their prices and selection of foods and really loved their Bulk Department. Great prices on their Bulk items.

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