Hallmark Adds New Licensed Characters, Signature Cards

Hallmark Tickle Me card

Hallmark says it is building on success in the first half of 2017 by introducing new innovations, licensed characters and a “premium” wedding collection to draw customers to greeting card departments this summer.

Virtual Reality

Hot-Air-Balloon VR Card
Hot Air Balloon VR Card

Hallmark is adding two all-new virtual reality (VR) cards. First introduced at Father’s Day, VR cards are the first innovation card developed by Hallmark’s new Greetings Innovation Lab. Two Hallmark-owned videos feature a ride down a roller coaster and a journey in a hot air balloon. Hallmark says shoppers will be drawn to VR cards at the shelf by its innovation highlighter trays.

Playlist Cards

Hallmark is offering all-new Playlist Cards this summer that feature popular country, rock, pop and hip-hop music. Playlist Cards give the recipient access to an exclusive song list that can be played time and time again.

Tickle Pets

When the recipient “tickles” the belly of the pet featured on the card, they hear giggles while the card vibrates.

Confetti Shakers

Give these cards a shake and colorful confetti dances across the cover to upbeat music.

Color Changing Light Pipe Cards

New color-changing light pipe card feature alternating lights that create the illusion of moving objects set to music.

Tropical Wire Blooms

Featuring colorful tropical designs, these wire blooms are bright and eye catching. The recipient will see it bloom to life with upbeat music.

Blockbuster Licensed Characters

Spider-Man Card
Spider-Man Card

Hallmark’s broad portfolio of licensed content continues to grow and include characters from the hottest summer blockbusters, including Spider-Man. Innovative formats include Pull & Pops cards where a simple pull pops a character to life with sound, 3D Puzzles that create an interactive experience, Reversible Silicone Bands so kids have a memento of their favorite character to wear around their wrist, Sound + Light Fun Clips that light up with sound and can easily be clipped to a belt loop or backpack, and Felt & Sound cards are soft to the touch and have a slider switch to activate sound. These formats will be called out at the shelf with highlighter trays and end of aisle displays.

Signature Wedding Collection

Hallmark Signature wedding cards feature styles ranging from sophisticated, rich and elegant designs to feminine, detailed and handcrafted. Wedding is one of the best-selling captions for Signature and the new cards will be highlighted in a four card collection tray.

Summer Lei Gift Wrap

This colorful collection of summer gift wrap features trendy designs such as flamingos and pineapples. Available in roll wrap, gift bags, tissue paper and stationery. The collection will be heavily featured on Hallmark’s social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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