Industry Veteran Tod Griffin Talks Kentucky, New Role At KGCSA

Tod Griffin

Tod Griffin

Tod Griffin, president of the Kentucky Retail Federation (KRF) and, as of this spring, executive director of the Kentucky Grocers and Convenience Store Association (KGCSA), brings a wealth of experience to his relatively new role at KGCSA. He’s been with KRF since 1993.

“I’m new, but I’m not new,” Griffin recently told The Shelby Report. “The Grocers Association has been affiliated with the Kentucky Retail Federation for about four years… But I’ve got the new title and the new role, so (I’m) trying to figure all that out and making all those new contacts.”

With a new role comes a fresh perspective, and Griffin is starting out his tenure with KGCSA by making sure the organization is focused and on track to meet its goals.

“We’re doing a little reassessment and making sure we’re meeting the needs of the members and the industry and that type of thing—a little bit of administrative changes, taking a look at the bylaws,” he said, noting that any changes to the organization moving forward will just be tweaks. “We’re looking at redoing the website and some newsletter formatting and that type of thing. It’s just a good time for the board to do a reset and reanalyze and retake a look at things, just to make sure we’re on track.”

A more immediate concern for Griffin, KGCSA and Kentucky retailers in general is the possibility of a special session this fall to address tax reform.

“Gov. (Matt) Bevin has been talking tax reform special session this fall. His remarks in the State of the Commonwealth Address back earlier in the year were we need tax reform as a vehicle or mechanism to shore up Kentucky’s failing pension system,” Griffin said. “He made the remark that everything’s on the table. Everything.”

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