Ring Container Technologies, Conagra Develop New Pam Spray Bottles

Pam Cooking Spay in a new package

Ring Container Technologies, a product packaging and plastic container manufacturing company, has collaborated with Conagra Brands on an aerosol-to-plastic conversion for Pam Cooking Spray, which now is available on store shelves. While the new Pam Non-Aerosol Spray bottles will not completely replace the company’s aerosol cans, it does provide another packaging option for consumers.

“Conagra has been a longtime partner of Ring, and we were thrilled to work with them on such an exciting project,” said Brian Smith, VP of business development and innovation at Ring. “This pump-spray bottle was co-created during a customized session at our Innovation Center in Oakland, Tennessee, and six months later, Conagra was prepping their operations for a major product launch. That’s hyper-speed in the packaging and product development world.”

After consumer-based findings revealed that people prefer a non-aerosol spray, a transparent container and a cleaner ingredient statement, Conagra reacted by partnering with Ring to create a product designed to meet those consumer needs.

The Pam non-aerosol packaging project is a prime example of Ring’s ability to help its customers respond to market needs, the company says. The pump spray retains Pam’s “spray no stick” performance promise, while other aspects of the packaging were designed to meet environmental and nutritional standards, as well as align with brand principles.

Ring’s Design-Led Innovation Workshop is a “co-creative process that uses design thinking methodology to foster innovation and collaboration.”

“Working with Ring on our Pam non-aerosol spray bottles was truly a collaborative effort, and they brought some great capabilities to the table,” said Eric Sinz, VP, packaging at Conagra Brands. “We worked together as a cross-functional team to create a modern and contemporary bottle design that reflects Conagra’s new strategy and direction.”

Ring Container Technologies is a privately held, multinational corporation headquartered in Oakland, Tennessee. Focused on finding sustainable solutions for the consumer packaging industry, the company has grown to be one of the largest plastic container manufacturers in North America.

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