Subscription Box Companies Get Creative With Interactive Packages

Loot Crate packaging

As the popularity of subscription box services increases, companies are looking for ways to transform their use of cardboard packaging by making their boxes part of the brand experience. Among the companies seeking to make their shipping containers part of the consumer experience are KitNipBox, KiwiCo and Loot Crate.

KitNipBox packagingKitNipBox

Queens-based subscription box startup KitNipBox offers boxes specially curated and designed for cats and their owners. KitNipBox started shipping specialty boxes in 2014, and the company says its unique business model took it from a tiny Queens startup to a globally recognized pet company. And KitNipBox prides itself on the boxes it ships its products in. They are designed to be toys, beds and brainteasers for cats, providing additional value to the consumer. Each box is designed to fit 95 percent of cats, and they can be recycled or reused.  

KiwiCo packagingKiwiCo

A mother of three, Sandra Oh Lin, had a “deep desire to raise her kids with the creative confidence to become the next generation of creators and problem-solvers,” leading her to develop hands-on projects and experiments for children. Seeing a need for these types of projects, Oh Lin created Kiwi Crate Inc., a monthly subscription box service for all ages. Each corrugated box is filled with interactive STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) projects to fit its respective age group. From Cricket Crate (newborn to two years), to Tinker Crate (9 to 16-plus), KiwiCo’s age-relevant curated boxes are intended to be a part of the fun. Each corrugated box is designed to either be incorporated into the projects or “upcycled” or repurposed for increased sustainability and functionality.

Loot Crate packagingLoot Crate

Loot Crate delivers custom monthly, pop-culture themed boxes that make use of every part of the package itself. With more than 200 licenses, 23 differently themed crates and 280-plus full-time employees, Loot Crate has grown more than 66,000 percent since its start in 2012. All of the boxes in Loot Crate’s core line are designed with the monthly theme in mind, designed to be reconfigured into something that ties to the theme. In February and March of this year, for example, the boxes transformed into a robot and a dinosaur.


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