Foodshare Of Connecticut Accomplishes Goal Of Turkey Delivery

Foodshare turkey

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, center, visited the Foodshare office to offer thanks for their efforts.

Foodshare of Connecticut reached its goal of delivering turkeys to all 15,334 families in the greater Hartford community who requested a turkey for Thanksgiving.

“This is my first ‘Turkey and Thirty’ campaign, and what I observed over the past week was one of the greatest displays of generosity in the country. Our volunteers, our staff and our entire community rallied together to make this happen—and for that, a lot of families are very thankful,” said Jason Jakubowski, president and CEO of Foodshare.

Peter Chenette, a longtime Foodshare volunteer and nine-year leader of the ShopRite West Hartford community drive, credits the success of the campaign to the small but dedicated staff at Foodshare and its army of volunteers.

“What inspired me to volunteer 30 years ago was the issue of food insecurity specifically in regards to children. What brings me back to Foodshare every week is the commitment of the staff and administration,” he said.

turkey 30Foodshare’s turkey goal was met, but the push for monetary donations continues.

“The turkeys are important, but in many ways the $30 is more important because it fulfills our mission throughout the year. Hunger doesn’t just affect the holidays—hunger is a problem year-round,” said Jakubowski.

Every gift of $30 to Foodshare provides 75 meals.

Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal visited Foodshare on Nov. 21 to congratulate the staff on achieving the turkey goal and to thank all of the volunteers, partner pantries and meal programs that made this possible.

Foodshare is part of the Feeding America Food Bank serving Connecticut’s Hartford and Tolland counties, where 127,000 people struggle with hunger.

In 2016, Foodshare distributed 11.5 million meals to a network of 300 local partner programs, including food pantries, meal programs and mobile Foodshare sites.

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