NEW SoCal Learning Event: Bergmann Sold On The Importance Of Enthusiasm

Leon Bergmann, Supervalu West.

Leon Bergmann, Supervalu West.

Leon Bergmann, who recently was named president of Supervalu’s West Region and is a friend of Network of Executive Women (NEW), encouraged audience members at the organization’s Southern California Chapter Fall Learning Event to step out of their comfort zones and believe in themselves for maximum growth and personal discovery.

“If you look at the components of your story, a couple of them are your purpose and your personal brand, and you really need a well-thought-out purpose in order for your motivation to stay at its highest level,” he said. “That may not be comfortable or feel completely safe, but it’s natural and normal. It’s up to all of us to push ourselves.

“That belief in your purpose, coupled with your maximum motivation, will produce really, really high levels of enthusiasm. I bring that up because that’s the key to success. I don’t care what you tell yourself, whether you’re selling your personal work, your professional work or you’re selling a product or a service, there is nothing, and I repeat, nothing, that sells like enthusiasm.”

Tara Jaye Frank
Tara Jaye Frank

Tara Jaye Frank: Write your own story

Frank is a sought-after consultant, speaker and coach who helps people and groups define their visions and goals.

Frank is co-founder, president and CEO of P3T Inc., which helps organizations turn employee purpose and potential into greater performance by identifying purpose, unlocking potential and improving performance.

Frank’s book, “Say Yes: A Woman’s Guide to Advancing Her Professional Purpose,” is designed to be a tool for emerging leaders. During her presentation, she challenged the audience to examine their own stories.

“Perhaps for all the time that we spend talking about success or trying to design a perfect experience, we miss a more powerful force that guides our lives,” she said.

Frank encouraged the audience to think about their current stories and become more conscious about how those stories play a role in their ultimate success. They may need new stories in the workplace or in life in general.

Frank said being part of NEW, which has allowed her to network with not only women but men as well, has transformed her professional life.

The benefits have been “the relationships and the opportunities, the networks, the visibility, the encouragement and all of those good things you get from a really strong network of professionals.”

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