Hartman Launches Organic & Natural Outlook 2018 Study

Hartman Organic & Natural 2018

We’ve seen the organic and natural market mature and flourish since the 1990s. Around nine in 10 consumers now participate in the organic and natural food market, and the perception that “more natural is better” has become common sense. But what it means to consumers to eat “naturally” and the trade-offs consumers are willing to make to live by that ideal continue to evolve.

Long gone are the days when consumers could divide their food world neatly into “natural” and “conventional.” Now they navigate a complex palette of shades of quality, whose resonance shifts based on the category, the context and the consumer.

Beginning January 2018, The Hartman Group will field a syndicated research study to update and expand its understanding of the organic and natural consumer and marketplace. The Organic & Natural 2018 syndicated research will explore the distinctions and similarities among organic consumers and natural consumers to assess how their beliefs and behaviors manifest in the marketplace.

In addition to describing mainstream organic and natural consumers, Hartman says it will dive into the beliefs and behaviors of the highly engaged, trend-forward consumers, who can serve as the bellwether of the shape of the more widespread sentiment of the future.

In this way, the company hopes to describe the emerging world of organic and natural. It will speak to key industry questions, including not only, “Is it worth offering organic today?” but also, “Will it be enough to offer organic in the future?”

Organic & Natural 2018 will field Q1 2018 with a final report delivered by end of Q1 2018. Through a syndicated study, Harman says readers will obtain a significant amount of data, insights and strategic analysis at a fraction of the cost of underwriting an independent custom research study. Additionally, customization options are available (for an additional fee) on a first-come, first-served basis.

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