Wuju Hot Sauce Prepares For ‘Mass Market Growth’ With New Packaging

Mock ups of Wuju's new label.

Mockups of Wuju's new label.

In 2017, Wuju Hot Sauce, a Thai-inspired hot sauce made with 16 natural ingredients including spices and flavors like agave nectar, mango and curry, went from being a small brand with a cult following to being carried in 4 out of the top 5 U.S.-based supermarkets in select stores and regions.

Fresh out of college, Lawrence Wu launched Wuju after engaging with social media users to gain feedback on his recipe. In 2015, Wu ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, which fueled the brand’s early days. Today Wuju Hot Sauce is available in some of the country’s largest chains.

“True to its artisanal roots, Wuju Hot Sauce’s first label was created by Wu’s sister. Wu loves the original label, but because they are beginning to see an uptick in mainstream demand, Lawrence decided Wuju needed to expand upon its roots,” the company said in a press release.

Wu hired QNY Creative, which has worked with brands like Levi’s and Ferrari, to design new packaging for Wuju.

The hot sauce’s original logo was inspired by a photo of Wu’s friend Cody looking out into the sunset. Wu lost Cody to cancer several years ago, but “his positive outlook and bravery in the face of the horrible disease remain core inspirations for Wu in his own life and business,” says the company.

Wuju Hot Sauce’s new packaging design fully integrates Cody’s sunset into the logo and package design and also includes all of the labeling requirements to support mass distribution.

“I’m really happy with our new packaging,” said Wu. “Wuju is now ready to take the mainstream marketplace by storm.”

Wuju Hot Sauce is available for purchase at select Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, Albertsons Central Market and natural food stores nationwide, as well as online on Amazon and wujuhotsauce.com. It is available in 5-oz. bottles in original and extra hot and can be purchased in a single bottle or packages of six or 12. SRP for one 5-oz. bottle is $4.99.

In remembrance of Cody and for his mother, who is currently battling cancer, Wuju Hot Sauce helps fund, support and provide hot sauce for Cook for Your Life’s Hope Lodge Program cooking classes and dinners, created for people affected by cancer.

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