Avocados From Mexico Brings Back ‘Guac Nation’ Big Game Marketing

Avocados From Mexico Guac Nation bin

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is teaming up with Old El Paso (OEP) for the fourth year in a row to help bring “Big Game flavor” to party spreads across the U.S. with the Guac Nation program. Running Jan. 3 to Feb. 4, the program will build on the excitement of the Big Game and AFM’s partnership with OEP to reinforce the connection between avocados and football.

“The Big Game is one of the largest home entertainment events that bring people of all backgrounds together to celebrate and feast on mouthwatering guacamole spreads,” said Maggie Bezart-Hall, VP, trade and promotion. “We are looking forward to joining forces with our longtime partner Old El Paso to help every Big Game event across the U.S. celebrate with our Guac Nation program to not only elevate the taste experience but also drive demand for our retailers by emphasizing the versatility of avocados during a key consumption period.”

Guac Nation will focus on “helping every game day viewer and their guests strategically make flavorful plays of their own.” This year, AFM and OEP go beyond guacamole with a playbook of creations that offer twists on go-to recipes.

To inspire shoppers and get avocados on the list, AFM will feature Guac Nation in a marketing campaign targeted at pre-shop, shop and post shop. The campaign will include recipes, in-store displays and targeted media. Additionally, AFM and OEP’s new blogger outreach program includes key food influencers sharing avocado news and positioning AFM and OEP products as a must-have on every customer’s shopping list before the grocery run. In addition, AFM will activate through ChannelSight, allowing consumers to view recipes and add featured AFM and OEP items to their cart with a click of a button. Viewers can click through and shop from select online retailers.

AFM’s 2016 Shopper Mindset Study found that 74 percent of shoppers report they would buy more avocados if they saw more “displays around the store to remind them of avocados.” In an effort to enhance displays, AFM plans to implement in-store merchandising such as co-branded small/large bins, POS displays, in-store radio amplification and retail-specific programming.

In addition, shoppers will find in-store tear pads or online value offers via Coupons.com. Shoppers can save $1when buying one OEP Dinner kit and two Avocados.

“We want this to be a seamless omnichannel experience,” said Dianne Le, senior manager of national shopper marketing at AFM. “Through activating across paid digital and social channels, we remain at the forefront of the produce industry, offering value to shoppers, bringing innovation to the category, helping deliver a shopper-centric solution for their Big Game spread while driving conversion at retail.”

AFM is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association, formed for the purpose of advertising, promotion, public relations and research for all stakeholders of Avocados From Mexico.

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