The New Mission Of Prepared Foods

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According to Eric LeBlanc, director of marketing for retail foodservice at Tyson Foods Inc., “Positioning prepared foods as a mealtime solution is a multi-step process that involves more than offering an assortment of convenient food items. We need to educate and inspire shoppers about how to use prepared foods to create the satisfying mealtime they truly seek.”

The Higher Purpose of the “Proud to Serve” Test

Tyson Velocity

Most shoppers aspire to have a meal plan but often find themselves without one during the late-afternoon dinner decision hour.1 They might turn to prepared foods for a quick solution, but the initial reaction for those participating in Tyson Foods’ Prepared Foods Challenge was that the department failed the “proud to serve” test.However, everything changed when retailers initiated pre-shop messaging with inspirational recipe ideas that showed shoppers how to assemble easy and appetizing meals featuring prepared foods with other items from around the store.

Getting a new conversation going with shoppers is that first important step in delivering meal solutions that help foster the emotional connections that might be missing at the dinner table. When we provide eating occasions that encourage families to share prep time together as well as eat good food together, we’ll also discover we’re giving them much more than a meal.


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