Fairlife Launches Ultra-Filtered Whole Milk With DHA Omega-3

Fairlife DHA whole milk

Fairlife LLC, producer of milk beverages made using a cold filtration process to remove the lactose and sugars, is expanding its portfolio to include fairlife DHA Whole Milk, an ultra-filtered cow’s milk with DHA Omega-3 fatty acids added to support brain health. The new whole milk joins the company’s 2 percent ultra-filtered milk with DHA to complete the collection. Both fairlife DHA products, formerly known as fairlife SuperKids, are available in 52-oz. bottles nationwide.

“As a dairy company rooted in innovation, fairlife is dedicated to consistently launching great tasting products that provide essential nutrients and vitamins. And, as a mother and grandmother of triplets, I understand the health benefits derived from good nutrition, and I want nothing more for my family,” said Sue McCloskey, dairy farmer and co-founder of fairlife. “Scientists have linked these fatty acids to a variety of health benefits throughout life, including brain health and health aging. I’m thrilled to say that our new ultra-filtered whole milk option offers 125mg of DHA Omega-3 fatty acids in each serving. That’s more than triple the amount found in other DHA-milks.”

In addition to delivering more DHA than other Omega-3 dairy products, each serving of fairlife DHA Whole Milk provides 13g of protein and 35 percent of the daily value of calcium. All fairlife products are made with real cow’s milk filtered using a patented cold-filtration process to remove the lactose and sugars while maximizing the natural proteins and vitamins found in cow’s milk.

Fairlife DHA Whole Milk is available now in retail and grocery stores nationwide for an SRP of $4.49.

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