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NACS, RTO Take ‘Be Our Guest’ Customer Service Training Online

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The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and Ready Training Online (RTO) have released a training module called “Be Our Guest,” that previously was only available in DVD format.

“We’ve made it easy for convenience retailers to gain new skills and learn best practices, right from the computer right from the computer in a store or office setting. With the Be Our Best Guest training module, you’ll grow a stronger team to help your business thrive,” said Doug Spencer, NACS products and services director.

“GUEST” in the title of the training stands for Greet, Understand, Eye Contact, Speed of Service and Thank You and is used throughput the program. The new online training module covers convenience store customer service such as greeting and assisting customers; working with customers with disabilities; and prioritizing tasks when the store is busy.

“Be Our Guest is the Cadillac of c-store customer service training, and in this industry creating a satisfying customer experience is the foundation of success,” said Jeff Kahler, RTO president. “We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work closely with NACS to update and bring the Be Our Guest training online.”

Be Our Guest is available to all current RTO subscription customers at no additional cost and also is being offered exclusively through the NACS e-Learning store along with 40 other training titles at

RTO, headquartered in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, is a full-service online training solution targeted specifically at the service and retail industries. The RTO Learning Management System is a comprehensive training and reporting tool designed to simplify employee training, RTO professionals have expertise in convenience, restaurant and retail industries.

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