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Weigel’s Switching From Foam To Paper Hot Cups This Year


In honor of Earth Day on April 22, Tennessee-based c-store chain Weigel’s has announced the elimination of its styrofoam hot cup. The company will replace the cups with double-walled paper cups.

Weigel’s new paper hot cup was selected for its reduced impact on landfill waste and natural resources. The new cup is made with a patented process that requires no glue or plastic fillers, allowing the cup to be 100 percent recyclable. It also is certified to meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards, which means the cup is made from 100 percent certified recycled content or from a certified, non-controversial sustainable forest.

“Sourcing the right hot cup for Weigel’s was a task of great responsibility to our customers and to the communities in which we serve,” said Charlotte Havely, director of marketing. “We know how important a good brew of coffee is to our customers, but just as essential, is the vessel in which we hold that brew. Our customers expect Weigel’s to be environmentally conscientious, while providing them with the best cup of coffee in town.

“The design of the new hot cup was equally important in the sourcing decision. The double-walled design creates an insulated air pocket so the liquid stays hot, but holding the cup remains comfortable. The lid on the cup is resealable, a favorite feature for customers.”

Weigel’s will transition from styrofoam hot cups beginning in May. All cup sizes, including small, medium, large and extra-large, will be replaced with the new hot paper cup by the end of 2018.

“We recognize the importance companies play in providing packaging that can favorably reduce the impact to landfills for this generation and generations to come” said Ken McMullen, CEO of Weigel’s. “This step to eliminate styrofoam hot cups from our entire chain is part of our commitment to serve both people and the planet responsibly.”

Weigel’s operates 66 convenience stores, a dairy and a bakery, all within a 100-mile radius of its corporate headquarters in Powell, Tennessee.

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