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MillerCoors Unveils New Cold-Can Technology

MillerCoors LLC on May 2 unveiled what it called the latest in cold-activated technology for bottles and cans of Coors Light, reports the Denver Business Journal.

Coors Light bottles began using color-changing ink in 2007, with a mountain on the logo turning blue when the beer was cold. The technique was added to cans in 2009.

The latest wrinkle: a two-stage cold-activation technology. The mountain still turns blue, but now Coors Light cans and bottles also feature a “Cold Indicator” bar that turns blue as well. The company also has added a “Super Cold Indicator” bar that turns blue when the beer temperature is even colder.

MillerCoors, a joint venture of SAB Miller and Denver’s Molson Coors Brewing, cited studies revealing more than 70 percent of men put their beer in the freezer.

MillerCoors will promote the launch of the two-stage cold activation technology in two ads featuring hip-hop artist and actor Ice Cube. The ads depict a standoff between Ice Cube and Coors Light over who’s colder.

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