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Bioenergy takes ingredient to new food, beverage applications

Since 2008, the sales of ribose as an energy supplement increased by more than 85 percent. This, in conjunction with $9 billion sales of functional energy drinks in 2011, suggests that demand has never been higher for ingredients with a variety of applications in functional food and beverage industries. Enter Bioenergy Ribose—a superior energy ingredient.

FDA-affirmed as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), Bioenergy Ribose is the only patented brand of ribose available in the U.S. that is used in various food, beverage and supplement applications. Ribose is a naturally occurring sugar that promotes the natural production of ATP (adenosine-5-triphosphate)—the energy currency of the body. When used as a performance enhancer, ribose is proven to increase energy levels and endurance while simultaneously reducing fatigue and recovery times.

“Many consumer packaged goods manufacturers are looking for healthy energy alternatives,” says Tom VonderBrink, president of Bioenergy Life Science Inc., makers of Bioenergy Ribose. “Consumer awareness about energy is at an all-time high, so food, beverage and supplement companies are looking beyond traditional stimulants like caffeine, guarana and B-vitamins. Ribose is a naturally occurring sugar that provides energy on a cellular level, proven to be effective both in clinical trials and in real world applications.”

Bioenergy Ribose is energizing the functional food and beverage market because it is safe, soluble, and blends easily with other compound, according to a news release. Given a manufacturer’s needs, Bioenergy Ribose can be added into functional shots, bars, beverages and energy gels. Currently, ribose is adding natural energy to products from some of industry’s leading brands and used by top athletes and professionals, the news release says.

Before breaking into the functional CPG market, Bioenergy Ribose was known as a performance supplement for use in physical conditioning and has been a key ingredient for leading supplement manufacturers’ lines. Internationally, Bioenergy Ribose is found in beauty products as well as natural foods. Since humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from improved cardiovascular health and increased energy, Bioenergy Ribose is even found in ribose-enhanced dog treats and pet nutrient formulas.



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