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Pitbull, Sheets Launch National Campaign

Sheets™ Brand Energy Strips launched a nationwide advertising campaign Jan. 4 in an effort to reach the Latino community. Spearheaded by brand partner and international recording artist Pitbull, Sheets will penetrate the Latino community through a variety of media channels including broadcast, radio and in movie theaters, exclusively in Spanish.

Sheets BrandAlong with the new advertising campaign, Pitbull unveiled his own Sheets commercial (view it at http://bit.ly/vaA963) he developed as part of the brand’s national Facebook competition to find the next national Sheets commercial. Fans can submit their own take through Sheets’ Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/takeasheet) and the winning commercial will air on national television and in movie theaters in 2012.

Pitbull and his team are at the forefront of the brand’s Latino marketing efforts creating innovative advertising, marketing and promotional initiatives to reach Latino consumers worldwide.

Pitbull, recording artist and co-founder of Sheets

“I use and I am a true believer in Sheets,” said Sheets Brand Energy Strips Co-Founder Pitbull. “I am also extremely proud to be in charge of this new national campaign as I look to help energize, inspire and empower the Latin community.”

Sheets Brand Energy Strips are distinctive because they are paper-thin, individually wrapped, dissolvable pocket-sized strips. When placed on the tongue, the strips begin to dissolve instantly and are easily swallowed and digested, delivering energy for hours. With multiple flavors, Sheets uses proprietary technology and won’t spill or melt. It has no calories, no carbohydrates, no sugar and requires no water.

Get more information at www.sheetsbrand.com.


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