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Select Publix Stores Adds Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle to Shelves

Several Publix stores in both Georgia and Florida are now selling Sheila G Brands Inc.’s Brownie Brittle line, the recent winner of the “Best Cookie” award from the Festival of Chocolate. The product was brought in through Publix’s distributor, Atlanta Foods International/Gourmet Foods International, and can be found in the deli area.

The select Publix stores are carrying all three flavors of Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle: chocolate chip, peanut butter chip and toffee crunch. The product also boasts a low calorie count with 100 calories per ounce in its 4 oz. bags of chocolate chip and toffee crunch flavors, and 90 calories per ounce in its 4 oz. peanut butter chip bags.

Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle launched in January 2011 and became available on store shelves in April. It is available in thousands of stores concentrated in the Northeast and Southeast, the Caribbean, at Paradies airport shops, and hotel gift shops across the country.

Sheila G. Mains, the creator of Brownie Brittle, spoke recently about the news that her product was being picked up by Publix: “We consider our association with Publix and Atlanta Foods to be such an honor and a huge indicator of our product’s success.”

“We’re a locally produced product and we know our association with Publix is further demonstration of how effective they’ve been in helping put money back into the very communities their stores serve,” she added.

Sheila G Brands is based in Palm Beach, Fla.


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