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Rev7 Gum Gains Multi-Store Distribution

Revolymer®, the technology development company and pioneer creator of Rev7™ Gum, has gained additional day-to-day retail distribution in more than 450 retail chains in the U.S., with in excess of 4,000 stores now stocking Rev7 removable, degradable chewing gum.

The latest convenience chain to stock the gum is QuikTrip, a company with more than 600 stores in10 states—one of the highest volume convenience stores in the U.S. Beginning in March, East Coast based Fasmart Shore Stop (more than 200 locations) and California-based Unified Stores (150 locations) also will stock the product.

“We are delighted that QuikTrip, Fasmart and Unified have joined our growing list of retail chains that have the product in their planogram,” said Chris Tamillo, VP of sales and marketing. “To put the positive environmental impact of Rev7 into context, the disposal of one pack of conventional chewing gum has the same environmental impact as one plastic bag—which, in the U.S. alone, equates to over 20 billion plastic bags of pollution from gum every year. Rev7 gum offers a solution to this issue with its unique degradability.”

Tamillo added, “Additionally, the real success of the product, which is confirmed by consumer feedback, is that Rev7 gum meets two as yet unmet needs in the market—gum that has both long-lasting flavor and can be chewed longer, without going hard like other gums.”

“Revolymer is going from strength to strength, rapidly expanding in the U.S., and we will continue looking to introduce the product to Europe in 2012,” said Roger Pettman, chairman and CEO of Revolymer. “We recently received the final approval to market Rev7 in Europe, making it the first new gum-base ingredient for over 30 years.”



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