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Coca-Cola To Test Sprite/Fanta Select In Several Cities

A Coca-Cola truck fills up with diesel fuel at a gas station in Carlsbad California

The Coca-Cola Co. will test mid-calorie versions of Sprite and Fanta this summer in four U.S. cities, according to The Associated Press.

The Atlanta-based beverage giant’s mid-calorie Sprite Select and Fanta Select will have a mix of sugar and other sweeteners such as Truvia, AP reports. The new drinks will be tested in Atlanta, Detroit, Louisville, Ky., and Memphis, Tenn.

According to AP, a 12-oz. can of Sprite has 140 calories and the Select version will have 70. A 12-oz. can of regular Fanta has 160 calories, while the Select version will have 70.

In 2004, Coca-Cola rolled out a mid-calorie version of Coke called “C2.” That product didn’t sell well and was discontinued.

Featured photo at top taken by Mike Blake/Reuters.


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