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Annie Chun’s Introduces New Flavors Of Healthy Seaweed Snacks

Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks

Annie Chun’s, an all-natural, gourmet Pan-Asian food brand from CJ, has introduced two new Roasted Seaweed Snacks flavors, Brown Sugar & Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper & Herbs. The crispy, all-natural seaweed snacks are ideal for families seeking low-calorie options to accompany their lunches or as a midday snack, according to a news release.

“Our healthy and delicious Roasted Seaweed Snacks have been a huge success and, as a result, have attracted more consumers to the Annie Chun’s brand. It’s because of the enormous success of our original Roasted Seaweed Snacks that we felt the time was right to add additional unique, bold flavors to the line to satisfy a broad range of consumer tastes,” said Darlene Young, senior brand manager for Annie Chun’s. “We also know that Americans are constantly seeking healthy, tasty school lunch or study break snack options, so we are especially pleased to be able to offer customers these conveniently packaged treats that offer the ideal snacking solution.”

Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks are similar to Japanese nori used for sushi, but are roasted and seasoned for a crispy, tasty snack. The new seaweed varieties combine familiar flavors with the authentic and nutritious appeal of seaweed, making Asian snacks more accessible to consumers.

• Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Seaweed Snacks—A sweet and salty treat to enjoy during lunch as an alternative to potato chips or sugary snacks that may lack nutritional value.

• Cracked Pepper & Herbs Seaweed Snacks—Bold, savory herbs and spices provide a flavor-packed yet light, crispy, healthy snack to satisfy any mid-day craving.

Like Annie Chun’s original Sesame and Wasabi seaweed snack flavors, the new Roasted Seaweed Snacks have 30 calories or less and 2.5g of fat per serving, are preservative, MSG, dairy- and gluten-free, are low carb and low fat and are appropriate for vegan consumers.

The suggested retail price for Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks is $1.99 for a .35-oz. package.



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