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Samuel Adams, TCHO Create Holiday Chocolate Box For Craft Beer Lovers

Samuel Adams Chocolate Box

Samuel Adams and San Francisco-based craft chocolate maker TCHO have teamed up to introduce the Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box. The Brewers at Samuel Adams worked closely with TCHO’s Chief Chocolate Maker Brad Kintzer to design the gift box so that each premium chocolate pairs with a Samuel Adams brew from the Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack.

Chocolate lovers and craft beer connoisseurs alike will enjoy the surprising flavor combinations, according to a news release. The malty sweetness and rich flavors of craft beer enhance, and are enriched by, the flavors of rich premium chocolate. The carbonation of the beer also cleanses the palate from the heavy finish of the chocolate; after a sip, the palate is ready for another taste.

Jennifer Glanville, brewery manager at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery, shares her passion for food and beer pairings: “The idea of pairing beer and food has been around for centuries, but many people are just starting to explore the idea and have fun with it while learning what works. From a juicy burger to a rich cheese or dessert, there’s a beer to create that perfect pairing—it’s all about letting the flavor of one enhance the other. We’re looking forward to hearing drinkers’ responses to the Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box. So many people think of wine as the quintessential chocolate pairing, but we think this pairing will certainly change some minds.”

Kintzer says, “As both a veteran chocolate maker and novice homebrewer, I’m amazed by the flavor complexity found in beer—and by the similarities in the chocolate-making process and how complementary the resulting flavors can be. Great beer—like great chocolate—is the result of a careful fermentation that yields an array of flavor possibilities. Many of the flavors found in cocoa and chocolate can also be found in beer, and you can taste the synergy when they are paired. Many food and drink combinations come off as a bit forced as ‘pairings;’ they just don’t seem to work together flavor-wise. In developing the Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box, it was surprisingly natural to pair Samuel Adams brews with our TCHO chocolates.”

The Samuel Adams Beer Lover’s Chocolate Box is $16.95 and includes 12 8g chocolates, and the first 150 orders also will include two Samuel Adams Perfect Pint Glasses. Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack is available through December for a suggested retail price of $13.99.






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