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Date Check Pro Offers Solution To Date Checking Dilemmas

Date Check Pro

Date Check Pro, a new Wisconsin-based company, now has expiration date management software that eliminates the need for rotation and spot-checking by combining the best of both into a software solution.

The software tracks the closest expiration date on each product in the store and then notifies the user which specific products in the store are nearing their expiration dates. A key benefit of the new software is the opportunity to be proactive in managing inventory by finding and marking down product near its expiration date to “sell it while it’s good.”

The solution is efficient and effective, the company says, and for the first time offers grocers the opportunity to have an ROI on time spent date checking.

With the number of unique items a grocer carries in a store on the rise, rotating every time an item is stocked in the grocery department is becoming an extinct practice. It is impractical to think that stockers have enough time to both stock every item on a load and rotate them while doing so.

Date Check Pro has determined that on any given day, less than 30 line items in a store have product expiring. Yet, depending on the size of the store, hundreds if not thousands of items are rotated every night. Rotation not only uses an excess of labor hours, it also requires inventory levels to be kept low to stay efficient. At the same time, if a store is not rotating, product can expire on the shelf after being pushed back over and over again.

As a result, rotation schedules and spot-checking have become far more popular practices in recent years. Rotation schedules plan which sections or aisles of a store should be rotated each week or month. Similarly, spot-checking is based on a weekly or monthly plan, but the actual rotation and date checking is done separately from stocking.

Both of these methods help stores remove expired products from the shelves. They also are effective in allowing the grocer to be able to keep shelves full of product and cutting down stocking time. These methods would actually be perfect, if all the expired products in a store happened to be in the same section or aisle. Instead, grocers are required to reactively search for and pull expired product.

The Date Check Pro solution offers a fresh look at how date checking should be done.

Date Check Pro has a growing customer base in Wisconsin, including Festival Foods, and is working with numerous military commissaries.




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