ADK Packworks Debuts Reusable Grocery Bag, The Grocer

ADK Packworks is debuting its new reusable grocery bag, The Grocer. This new take on the classic Adirondack pack basket includes a semi-rigid internal frame and a flat bottom for increased stability, independent of the load, to keep groceries standing upright.

This lightweight, durable, eco-friendly grocery bag takes up little space, as it stands tall when in use but folds when it needs to be stored, according to a news release. The Grocer can be adjusted for three different carrying options (two-handled, over-the-shoulder and backpack style) and gives additional flexibility when on the go with an optional insulated liner that helps keep groceries cold. The durable ripstop nylon bag can be removed from The Grocer’s frame for hand washing.

“There has been no evolution in the reusable grocery bag over the years and we felt that there needed to be an alternate solution in this category that was still environmentally conscious, but increased the overall function ability as well. We came up with the inspiration for The Grocer from the most timeless utility pack ever invented in the Adirondack pack basket from upstate New York. Originally made out of wood, the ADK pack basket was special because of its ability to stand up straight. A typical reusable grocery bag today lacks structure, but the stand-alone design of The Grocer allows for improved performance when loading and unloading, which also lets you pack each bag more efficiently,” said Doug Rumbough, co-founder of Vergennes, Vt.-based ADK Packworks.

The Grocer, a multi-purpose tote, is available in three different colors (green, grey and red) and can be purchased at select New England retailers or online at MSRP is $25.


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A former newspaper editor and publisher, she once enjoyed leisurely perusing the grocery store aisles but, since having a baby in 2016, she is now an enthusiastic click-and-collect shopper.

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