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Frequentz Taps Food Industry Vet Besancon For Product Advisory Board

Besancon to product advisory board

Frequentz, a leader in real-time traceability and information management software, has appointed Michael Besancon, former senior global VP of purchasing, communications and distribution for Whole Foods Market, to its product advisory board.

Besancon brings more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in the natural and organic foods industry. He has spent his career as an advocate for sustainability in agriculture and promoting environmental awareness on a global level. His mission to provide consumers with healthy, safe and natural foods has been further realized in his latest involvement with Frequentz, according to a news release.

Frequentz’s vision to provide complete transparency through the agricultural supply chain, ensuring responsible handling and safety from farm to fork, is one shared with Besancon.

“We are very pleased to have Michael join our advisory board this year. As we move closer to our goal of achieving total transparency in the supply chain, Mr. Besancon’s experience becomes invaluable,” said Michael Lucas, CEO of Frequentz. “During his tenure with Whole Foods, his dealings with massive quantities of organic produce, on a global level, have given him a degree of insight that’s difficult to find. His expertise lends a tremendous amount of knowledge to our cause as we establish industry-wide practices.”

Frequentz’s clients include some of the largest producers of organic produce in the industry including Earthbound Farm—the largest producer of organic produce and foods in the world.


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