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Bosselman Pump & Pantry Convenience Stores Partner With Cinnabon

Pump & Pantry Partners with Cinnabon
Pump & Pantry Partners with Cinnabon

First convenience store chain in U.S. to sign on with Cinnabon

Pump & Pantry convenience stores, operated by the Bosselman Cos., has partnered with Cinnabon and Focus Brands to feature Cinnabon World Famous Cinnamon Rolls and other Cinnabon items in select Pump & Pantry locations.

Pump & Pantry is the first and only convenience store chain in the U.S. to sign on with Cinnabon, according to a news release.

“We are thrilled to continue our expansion in non-traditional venues with great partners like Bosselman Pump & Pantry,” says Cinnabon CEO Kat Cole. “Their location spread, strong corporate culture and consistent operations make them the perfect partner to help us bring Cinnabon’s world famous baked goods to Nebraska and surrounding states.”

“Forming this partnership with Cinnabon is a fantastic expansion of our offerings to our customers,” says Charlie Bosselman, Bosselman Cos. CEO. “We couldn’t be more excited to team up with such an outstanding company and to make the world’s most famous cinnamon rolls and other baked goods available to our customers. We are honored and privileged to be the first and only convenience store chain in the nation to partner with Cinnabon.”

The first Cinnabon location inside a Pump & Pantry is scheduled to open on April 5 at the 370 Express location at 11108 Sapp Brothers Dr. in Omaha, Neb. Several Pump & Pantry stores, including this location, will feature full Cinnabon Bakeries, where product will be freshly baked and served on-premises in front of the customer during majority of hours, and take-home packs will be available for customers to take with them during all hours of operation.

Cinnabon product offerings will include freshly baked cinnamon rolls, take-home packs, Chillatas (blended frozen beverages), and Cinnabon Iced Coffee. Other Pump & Pantry locations are scheduled to follow.

The Grand Island, Neb., corporate headquarters of the Bosselman Cos. will receive its first Cinnabon location in the first phase of rollouts during May at the South Locust Pump & Pantry, followed by the Capital Avenue location in the coming months.

Cinnabon’s product will first be unveiled to Pump & Pantry management staff at the company’s annual Leadership Conference on Friday, April 12, at College Park in the Hornady-Marshall Theatre at 10 a.m.

The Bosselman Cos. own and operate 48 Pump & Pantry convenience stores; 41 Boss Shops; the Bosselman Travel Center; a Hampton Inn; three Pump & Pantry Motels; two Settle Inns; six Motel 6 franchises; six restaurants, including Grandma Max’s, Max’s Highway Diner, Sam Bass’ Saloon & Steakhouse and Schmooter’s Bar & Casino; food courts that include Subway, Little Caesars and Caribou Coffee; and the Nebraska Danger Indoor Professional Football Team.

Founded in 1948, Bosselman’s is a family organization in its third generation and has expanded across the nation in 23 states and employs more than 1,200 people.

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