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Jarden Rolls Out Limited-Edition Collection Ball Jars


Jarden Home Brands, maker of Ball Brand Fresh Preserving products, is releasing a limited-edition line of home canning jars, the Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars that commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ball brothers’ Perfect Mason Jar. Introduced in 1913 in Muncie, Ind., the name “Perfect Mason” acknowledged the first ever self manufacture of each part of the Ball jar—ensuring a perfect fit and revolutionizing the home canning process by providing canners with matching jars, lids and bands in a single unit. The Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars feature a vintage-inspired blue tint, period-correct logo and anniversary embossment.

BPA-free and made in America, the Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars are made with the same commitment to quality, performance and structure as all Ball brand home canning products, a news release says. The jars function the same as any Ball pint jar and are perfect for preserving local produce, home decor or collecting.

“With sales of our home canning jars up 31 percent year over year, approximately half of which is attributed to crafting and decor uses, we expect consumers will enjoy these limited-edition jars and find many imaginative ways to use them—from fresh preserving to home and handcrafted wedding decor,” said Chris Carlisle, VP of marketing at Jarden Home Brands. “The Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars make a gorgeous addition to any home or kitchen and we expect consumer demand to be high as these are sure to be a favorite collectable.”

New line of herb products to maintain freshness

In addition to the Heritage Collection Pint Jars, Jarden Home Brands is releasing a new line of Ball-branded herb preservation products to help consumers savor the taste of summer. New products include the Ball Brand Dry Herb Keeper, a 4-oz. stackable glass canning jar with a flip-top herb dispenser lid, and the Ball Brand Fresh Herb Keeper, a unique storage system that keeps stems and roots in water to retain freshness.






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