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Protica Launches First Shelf-Stable Protein Yogurt

puriva shelf-stable 3-pack

Protica Nutritional Research, manufacturer of ready-to-drink and ready-to-eat protein products, is launching a new line of shelf-stable protein yogurts under the Puriva brand name. Puriva is available in two formulas: 15g of protein in a 6-oz. serving and 5g of protein naturally sweetened in a 4-oz. cup. As the nation’s first shelf-stable, protein-rich yogurt, Puriva boasts a 24-month non-refrigerated shelf life.

Wrist Ship Supply, a Denmark-based multinational and the world’s largest supplier of food and supplies to freight and cruise ships, recently purchased Puriva to nourish personnel working at sea, according to a news release.

“Some of the ships we supply are freighters, some military and others work vessels such as cable-laying ships,” says Rick Heatherington, North Amiercan procurement director at Wrist. “One thing they all have in common is they are filled with hungry men and women who need to stay fit. Lost days due to poor health is a burden to all on board. With freezer space at a premium, being able to store protein-rich yogurt for months is a big nutritional advantage.”

JoAnn DeTurris, VP of sales and marketing at Protica, adds, “Consumers are seeking healthier snack choices to improve health and battle the obesity epidemic. Protica’s Puriva products, including the Puriva Yogurt Smoothie line, to be launched later this year, gives dietitians and nutritionists charged with feeding maritime employees, military personnel, school children, medical patients, the elderly and anyone in need of good quality nutrition an option miles or even oceans away from the closest refrigerator.”



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